Sunday, March 18, 2007

People are assets

I have made reference to the 13 principles of prosperity before and I am providing a link here to the entire list: The 13 principles of prosperity.

One of the key principles of prosperity is that people are assets. Nothing has true value except people. Nothing you buy, sell, trade or exchange can be done without the involvement of other people and this blend of individual talents, interests, and knowledge is what creates any true wealth in homes, families and society.To the extent that we strive to provide value for others, we will receive that value back, and usually with interest ;-) It is the "Law of the Harvest". We "reap what we sow".

I have an excellent example of this principle. Last Friday my wife and I went to a church social and had the opportunity to listen to a local musician. Her name is Nancy Hanson and she is a wife and mother of 3 that loves to play the guitar and sing. She volunteered to play and sing for us. We gathered in the church gym in a semi-circle around her and she began. One of the first songs she sang was a tune she wrote herself entitled "The Father in Me". Tracy and I were very touched by the lyrics, melody and meaning of the song. It was particularly meaningful as Tracy most recently lost her father, and the memories and thoughts of his great life and the legacy he left was well articulated in this song. Nancy didn't mention that she recorded albums or sold CDs or any such thing. She merely loves to sing and was kind enough to take of her time and share her talent with us. It was very valuable to me and I took an opportunity to approach her after the event and thank her, and then I asked if she had recorded any of the songs she shared. She directed me to her web you think I am willing to purchase a CD?? Most definitely. She created value and now I am rewarding her for the value she created by purchasing her CD. Additionally I am wanting to create value for others by sharing what I learned and experienced. If you would like to hear samples of her music click on the following links:

Drops in a Bucket
Reel You in
Father in Me

If you care to purchase you can do so here

She also inspired me to pick up the guitar more and make music a more regular part of my life. One 45 minute event made a lasting impression on me...People are assets!

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