Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Be of Good Cheer

I really like this article by Abel Keoghof the web site: "" There is much in the world to be concerned about to be sure. It is easy to become discouraged, lose faith and turn to fear. I for one believe that fear and discouragement is the greatest "cancer" as it robs us of motivation and faith, and places us in a position where we look to sources our side our selves and our creator to provide us with our means and "security". It makes a people "ripe" for dominion by tyrants. It makes a people complicit and willing to have those in "authority" make the decisions and provide their means. Under the freedoms declared in the US Declaration of Independence we note that rights are given to man by his creator. It is upon us, as stewards of the abundance of the earth to partner with our creator and make a difference. Freedom is a privilege fought hard to obtain, and requires a more difficult fight to preserve. With good cheer let's do it. Those that are with us and the cause of freedom are much greater than those against us.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Kenny, we can always use positive good cheer.